35º F / 38º F


A day at the pool not only provides members and their guests a day of relaxation, but a beautiful view of the Genesee River and Lake Ontario.

 Our pool offers relaxation in the shade and sun. Our younger members also enjoy a play area filled with sand and a ship for our up and coming sailors.

 Pool Rules
If the air temperature is below 65 degrees the pool may be closed.  Please keep in mind the air may be cooler by the lake.
In the event of thunder and/or lightning the pool is required to remain closed during the storm and for 30 minutes after the last time thunder is heard or lightning has been seen.
For your safety the pool and pool area are cleared during thunderstorms and pool entrances will be locked for the duration of the storm.
All persons must take a soap and water shower in the Pool Cabanas before entering the pool. This is a Board of Health ruling and it is mandatory that we follow it
Please bring your own towel! 

For swim instruction registration, CLICK HERE.
**For assistance in registration, please contact Holly Stevens at [email protected] or 585-342-5511 x37.