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High School Sailing

Spring High School Sailing Dates: March 19th - May 25th, 2018

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The Rochester Yacht Club has promoted sailing through it's high school program for more than 20 years and was featured in an article published in the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle. Click here to read the article.
Frequently Asked Questions

Current School Practice Days

Mondays/Wednesdays/Fridays (Practice Times 3:30-6:30 pm)

  • Pittsford Schools
  • Fairport
  • Brighton
  • Penfield
  • Victor
  • Bishop Kearney
  • Aquinas
  • Rochester City Schools

Tuesdays/Wednesdays/Thursdays (Practice Times 3:30-6:30 pm)

  • Mercy/McQuaid
  • Webster Schools
  • Irondequoit Schools
  • Harley Allendale-Columbia
  • Honeoye Falls-Lima
  • Hilton

 *If your school is not listed, please contact the program director to assign practice days*

Do you have used gear/boats that you would like to sell? Are you looking for used gear or a used boat? Please use the link below to share with us!
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High School Sailing has grown tremendously over the last decade both nationally and locally. The Rochester Yacht Club is proud to host one of the largest programs in the district. With the sailing school's fleet of twenty 420s and an impressive Jr. Sailing facility, the RYC program has been able to host 80 high school students a season. Rochester High School Sailing teams are part of the NYISA-NW (North West Interscholastic Sailing Association) league of the MASSA district (Mid-Atlantic Sailing Association). This district stretches all the way down to Virginia. The MASSA district is part of the national organization for High School Sailing called the ISSA (Interscholastic Sailing Association). For more information please visit the MASSA Website at www.massa.hssailing.org and the ISSA Website at www.hssailing.org.  

     ROC Spring 2018 High School Sailing Schedule    
    March 24 – NYISA-NW Qualifier @BYC (back-up March 25 co-host RYC)
April 1st - Easter Sunday (Spring Break)
April 7th – Spring Break
April 14th - ACTs April 14th-15th - MASSA Gold Champs Mallory Qualifier @ Christchurch VA
April 14th-15th - MASSA Silver Champs @ Hampton/Ft. Monroe VA
April 22st - Chautauqua Invite @CLCSF
April 28th-29th - MASSA Baker Qualifier (team racing) @AYC and SSA
April 28th – RYC 6th Annual All Girl’s Regatta @RYC
May 5th - SAT’s May 5th-6th - Foundry Spring Invite @ the Foundry Cleveland
May 12th - NYS Championships @ BYC
May 12th-13th - Phebe King Memorial Regatta @ AYC and SSA Invite Only
May 12th-13th - Mallory National Championships
May 20th - Spring Fling Open Regatta @ RYC
May 26th-27th - NIT (Team Racing) @RYC
May 26th-27th - Baker National Championships (Team Racing)
*Please note regatta dates change due to weather*

Our Purpose

To host a competitive High School Sailing Program that promotes seamanship and sportsmanship while encouraging competition at local, regional, and national levels by combining the talents of students from local high schools.

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Liam Faudree
Junior Sailing Director
5555 St. Paul Blvd.
Rochester, NY 14617

  • Eligibility
    • This program is open to any students grades 7-12 interested in sailing! There is no prior experience required and you do not need other students from your school to participate.
  • Practice
    • High School teams will practice on a 3 day a week track. Each sailor will practice either Monday/Wednesday/Friday OR Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday. Wednesday is a race day where each boat will be put into either A or B division. A and B division will be chosen each Wednesday and may be different each week! Race results will be posted weekly so that teams can chart their progress! All practices start at 3:30PM and end at 6:30PM.
  • Wednesday Race Days
    • Each Wednesday we will have a race day in which all schools will come down and race! Each Wednesday will run until 7PM and a Hungry Sailor Dinner will be provided by a different team each week.
  • Seasons
    • The Fall Season starts in early September and runs through mid November. The Spring Season starts mid March and runs well into May.
  • Gear
    • High School Sailing involves sailing in cold conditions. Sailing in the months of March and November require the proper gear!  We require a life jacket (PFD) anytime a student is on the dock or on the water. We also require a wetsuit or a drysuit when the combined water and air temperature is below 120 degrees. Recommended gear to stay warm includes but is not limited to- fleece layers, cold weather sailing gloves, winter hat, neoprene boots, and foul weather gear.
  • Need additional help with gear?
  • Current Rochester Teams:
      • Irondequoit Schools
      • Pittsford Mendon
      • Pittsford Sutherland
      • Mercy/McQuaid
      • Penfield
      • Victor
      • Honeoye Falls-Lima
      • Brighton
      • Webster Thomas/Schroeder
      • Fairport
      • Livonia
      • Harley Allendale-Columbia
  • For more information contact:
    • Waterfront Director Liam Faudree
      Work cell: 585-314-9760

Sailing Waiver

THIS AGREEMENT MUST BE READ AND SIGNED BEFORE ANY STUDENT PARTICIPATES IN ANY ROCHESTER YACHT CLUB (RYC) ACTIVITY. BY AGREEING TO THIS AGREEMENT, THE PARENT/GUARDIAN AFFIRMS HAVING READ IT. I hereby give permission to the above named child to participate in all programs and activities of the Rochester Yacht Club, including transportation to and from events, if needed. I understand that my child must pass any test necessary to participate in a program. I understand that there are risks inherent in water-based and land-based programs and that accidents can occur in the water as well as on land during any RYC program. Such accidents can result in serious injury or death. I do for my child, myself, and our personal representatives, family, heirs and assigns, knowingly and freely waive all claims against and release and discharge RYC and its officers, directors, agents, employees and volunteers from any and all liability, loss, damage and expenses which may result from participation in RYC programs. RYC reserves the right to photograph program participants for publicity purposes.