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The Rochester Yacht Club was founded in 1877. Our Club has a distinguished history of Yacht Racing and Boating and is one of the oldest yacht clubs in the United States.

It is a dynamic organization of more than 800 members living in the Rochester, New York area as well as various locations around the world.

The Rochester Yacht Club is a private, not-for-profit, member-owned club with facilities located on the east side of the Genesee River near Lake Ontario. The purpose of the Club is stated in the By-Laws and Articles of Incorporation that reads as follows:

"The purposes of this Club shall be to promote and encourage interests in yachts and yachting, to teach and promote the principles of seamanship and navigation, to encourage the traditions of yachting, to encourage and teach young people in seamanship and yachting, to provide and maintain a suitable clubhouse, anchorage and facilities for the use and recreation of its members, and to make any and all rules and to do any other act or thing incidental to or connected with the foregoing purposes or in advancement thereof".